2022/23 RZR PRO R PANDEMYK STAGE 3 ECU TUNE for BC Camshafts

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Pandemyk Performance is excited to offer our custom tuning solution for the all new Polaris RZR Pro R, utilizing HP Tuners ECM unlock service and VCM editor with MPVI3. We offer various tuning capabilities depending on what you are looking for, where it is better throttle response, different tire size, fuels or lower radiator temps.

Our newest Stage 3 calibrations offer all the benefits of Stage 2, PLUS completely remapped air/fuel/spark and torque tables to run Brian Crower Stage2+ Camshafts for that nasty thumpy idle you are looking for! This tune offers an additional 33 to 38HP (SAE corrected on 91 to 93 Octane) over stock depending on your fuel and exhaust setup. 

All of our Pandemyk Stage 3 Tunes feature the following:

  • Pandemyk exclusive switch on the fly power stages utilizing the stock drive mode selector switch - completely remapped with much more than just throttle maps
    • Rock mode is now smoother and more refined with 1550 Idle RPM 
    • Sport Mode is more aggressive with +5HP gain and 1600 Idle RPM
    • Race Mode is all out nasty with +15 to 20HP gain and 1700 Idle RPM
  • Lower cooling fan on temperatures for cooler engine operation
  • Snappy throttle response 
  • Optimized spark tables based on customer fuel 
  • Optimized fueling tables 
  • Remapped VE and aircharge models based on customer exhaust and camshafts 
  • Seatbelt limiter removed 
  • Two-Step brake throttle over-ride threshold increased 
  • Reverse torque limit increased for application (increased to safe level to avoid breaking parts, we do not suggest completely removing)
  • Increased H,L,P,N driveline torque limits for safe trail use 
  • Refined starting maps for crisp cold crank starts 
  • Increased Rev Limit to 9200 RPM
  • Increased Speed Limiter to 130 MPH (actual top speed may vary)
  • Refined decel fuel cutoff for more exhaust gurgle and drivability 
  • Adjusted misfire and injection windows for camshaft configuration 
  • Corrected speedometer based on customer tire size and gear ratio
  • E85 Tunes are completely remapped for the fuel and require bigger injectors
  • Adjusted idle control parameters for more a seriously aggressive exhaust note

This price includes the cost of 4 credits (a $200 value!). ECM unlock is an additional cost at $149.99 and requires ECM to be sent in for unlocking. This tune also requires Brian Crower RZR Pro R Stage 2+ Camshafts (Sold and installed separately), along with a slip-on exhaust (sold separately). This tune is not recommended to use with factory muffler and should be combined with a slip-on exhaust. Best overall power and performance is achieved when combined with our STM Billet Clutch Kits. 

We offer a variety of power levels based on your specific fuel, please select fuel type in the drop down menu. We also offer E85 Tunes for an additional $100! Must use in conjunction with Injector Dynamics ID1050x injectors (Sold Separately).

Customers must disconnect and mail their factory ECM to Pandemyk Performance for HP Tuners unlock service.  Contact us today for more details and to schedule a tuning appointment: Sales@pandemykperformance.com