Billet Machined 6 Rib Upper Idler Pulley Upgrade for Kraftwerks Pro R Supercharger Kits

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Are you having serpentine belt issues or failing the plastic idler pulleys on your new Pro R supercharger kit? We've come up with a solution to improve belt tracking and life on these kits with these billet machined 6 groove idler pulleys. Designed to replace the top most idlers that come in contact with the ribbed side of the belt, these are a direct replacement for the top idler closest to the alternator, and for the top idler closest to the supercharger pulley when using the 110mm pulley. These will interfere with the included 115mm supercharger pulley. Pulleys are sold individually. These do not replace the smooth idlers that come in contact with smooth side of the belt. We have a separate billet smooth kit available for those. 

  •  Made from premium 6061 billet aluminum, super lightweight and sturdy.
  •  Processed by cutting-edge anodic oxidation, resistant to rust and corrosion in bad weather conditions.
  • Machined by CNC technology for higher accuracy and secure installation.
  • Features standard bearing that can be replaced when needed.