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Fix Your Speedometer
When you add bigger tires or a gear reduction, your speedometer gets all out of whack. It says you’re going 25 MPH, but you’re white knuckling it around every turn. Fix it with SuperATV’s Can-Am SpeedDoctor Speedometer Correction Kit. It forces your speedo to show the correct speed and, more importantly, fixes your odometer too.

Easy Setup and Installation
This isn’t some complicated hack that requires tough math and splicing wires. This plug-and-play speedo corrector does all the work for you. After you plug it in, all you have to do is tell it what your speed actually is with GPS, and you’re good to go.

NOTE: For safety purposes, always have a passenger assist in monitoring the GPS speed while driving during the setup process.

WARNING: This product can impact machine operation. Customer and/or user is responsible for ensuring that this product is compatible with their machine as currently configured, properly installed, and understands any impact this product has or might have on the machine's operation.

 California Proposition 65 Warning 
WARNING: This product may contain a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm.