Can-Am X3 Rod Bearings (stock replacement) set/6 King Racing

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New BC exclusive King rod and main bearings for the Can-Am X3 and other Rotax 900 ACE applications are available in King's proven pMaxBlack overlay and pMaxKote™ polymer coating. pMaxBlack is a surface hardened lead tin copper overlay that is electroplated onto a copper alloy substrate making up the third layer of a King XP bearing. pMaxBlack also has additional copper content, when compared to regular tri-metal bearing overlays, increasing the fatigue strength to handle loads up to 10,200 psi. pMaxKote™ is a factory applied nano composite polymer coating formulated especially for pMaxBlack overlays. pMaxKote™ provides excellent wear and cavitation resistance while protecting bearing surfaces during periods of oil starvation and minimum oil film thickness. pMaxKote™ is applied with no added wall thickness therefore not altering oil clearances.

pMaxKote™ enhances the following benefits of King XP race bearings:

  • Superior seizure resistance
  • Superior cavitation resistance
  • Superior wear resistance
  • Superior protection against oil starvation