KRAFTWERKS 14-21 Polaris RZR Supercharger 15 PSI Upgrade Kit

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Want more power and speed for your rig, get the upgrade! We are proud to introduce 15 psi Pulley Upgrade Kit for 14-21 Polaris RZR Supercharger Kit. With this upgrade you will go above and beyond your already supercharged RZR. You will smoke all the competition!

200+ HP Depending on Motor Build


Recommend Upgrades:

1000cc Injectors (159-17-1000)

Aftermarket Head Studs

Forged Pistons

Upgrade Rods and Crank

3 Bar MAP Sensor

2 ½” or bigger choke on exhaust collector


  • 2014 - 2020 Polaris RZR (XP1000, XP41000)