Kraftwerks Base Supercharger Kit for RZR Pro R

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The wait is finally over! The much anticipated RZR Pro R supercharger kit from Kraftwerks is here. Take your Polaris Pro R to the next level with a Kraftwerks Supercharger System.

Whether it’s loose sand, dusty trails, deep mud, or steep rock climbing, Kraftwerks Performance knows that power is the name of the game. Of all forced induction kits available for the Pro R in the market today, the Kraftwerks Supercharger System offers the greatest reliability, easiest installation, and the best bang for your buck; all backed by industry leading customer service and decades of experience developing high-performance vehicle systems and components.

The Kraftwerks Supercharger Base System for the Pro R delivers an impressive 270+WHP†.

The 120+HP increase from the Kraftwerks Base System takes the Pro R to a whole new level of performance. Because superchargers are mechanically driven by the engine crankshaft, power delivery is linear and instantaneous with zero lag; providing drivers with predictable, confidence inspiring, and controllable Kraftwerks Power.

At the heart of the Kraftwerks system is a highly efficient centrifugal supercharger, which makes boost without the excessive heat common with other types of compressors. For added reliability, the blower has its own cooling system that is independent from that of the engine and is mounted to a CNC machined aluminum bracket assembly that features an auto belt tensioner for improved belt life.

Kraftwerks Supercharger Systems include a lightweight high-efficiency tube-fin intercooler that dramatically cools the pressurized intake charge air for further improvements in both power and reliability. For the best possible cooling results, the intercooler is mounted directly over the rear firewall where there is free-flowing air, no additional heat radiating from the engine, and no chance of the intercooler getting caked in mud. The intercooler, supercharger, airbox, and engine are connected together with neatly routed precision bent lightweight aircraft grade aluminum piping and high-quality silicone hose couplers. For vehicles where air flow to the intercooler is limited, Kraftwerk offers an optional triple fan intercooler shroud kit.

On top of countless hours of in-house R&D and torture testing in the field, Kraftwerks Supercharger Systems are race proven, with numerous wins ranging from extreme bounty hole racing, desert racing, and perhaps the toughest race of all, the King of the Hammers. Racing improves the breed, and our proven track record provides Pro R enthusiasts with peace of mind that any extra power made will not come at the expense of reliability.

For racers and enthusiasts seeking more power than what the base kit offers, Pandemyk offers high-pulley upgrades for the C30-94 supercharger as well as our Pandemyk Upgraded Supercharger ‘You-Tune’ Kits†† that feature the larger C38 supercharger, ID1300 Injectors and a host of other tuning upgrades.

We have the base C30 Kits ready to ship! Please expect a 2 week lead time from time of order. 

This is for the base C30 KW kit which includes our upgraded Pandemyk Stage 3 KW Boost tune which is upgraded from the base Kraftwerks tune file found elsewhere.  You must select the ECU upgrade service if your ECM has not been unlocked. 

Looking for additional power, tunability, fuels or configurations? Select our RTD option for access to our custom remote tuning services, or check out our upgraded You-Tune kit developed in conjunction with Kraftwerks for all of the contagious performance you expect from Pandemyk! 

We recommend adding our wireless RTD modules to ensure you get the latest tune updates as we roll them out. Pair with our STM Billet clutch kit and you are sure to unleash all of the contagious power you've come to expect from Pandemyk Performance.