KRAFTWERKS Turbo Blanket

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Kraftwerks Turbo Blanket, for use with all Garrett GT25/GT28 or equivalents used in Kraftwerks Talon Turbo kits, reduces the amount of radiant heat from the turbine (exhaust housing) and protects surrounding engine components from excessive heat. In addition to keeping the engine bay cooler, the Kraftwerks Turbo Blanket also improves turbine performance and response by reducing heat loss and maintaining the highest possible exhaust speeds inside the exhaust housing.

The Kraftwerks Turbo Blanket is constructed from ultra-high temperature fire resistant ceramic fiber blanket (rated 1800°F Direct/ 2300°F Peak) with a protective fireproof lava rock wool cover (rated 1500°F Direct / 1800°F Peak) featuring reinforced outer seams and riveted fastening anchors for added durability, protection, and ease of installation.



  • For use with Garrett GT28 Turbo (or equivalent) included in Kraftwerks Talon Turbo Kit (165-05-1000)
  • Rated for use 1500°F Direct / 1800°F Peak   
  • Protective Lava Rock wool cover for durability
  • Easy to Install