Pandemyk Performance Stage 1 ECM Tuning for Can-Am w/ HP Tuners

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Pandemyk Performance is excited to offer our custom tuning solutions for Can-Am. We offer various tuning capabilities depending on what you are looking for. Stage 2 Tuning starts at $499 and up depending on your specific needs.

Our budget Stage 1 calibrations are for those looking for a bump in performance while maintaining that stock feel without the nuisance of limiters or high fan temps. This tune offers an additional 5 to 10 HP (SAE corrected on 91 to 93 Octane) over stock depending on your specific machine, fuel and exhaust setup. Additional power is just the starting point however. All of our Pandemyk Stage 1 Tunes feature the following:

  • Lower cooling fan on temperatures for cooler engine operation
  • Improved throttle response  
  • Seatbelt limiter removed 
  • Two-Step brake throttle over-ride threshold increased 
  • Reverse torque limit increased for application (increased to safe level to avoid breaking parts, we do not suggest completely removing)
  • Increased H,L,P,N driveline torque limits for safe trail use
  • Increased Speed Limiter (actual top speed may vary) 
  • Corrected speedometer based on customer tire size and gear ratio

With BRP, it's about your journey, whether you're on the trails or the water. With HP Tuners, it's about making your journey even more thrilling and memorable. Our complete diagnostic and calibration solutions for Can-Am vehicles and Sea-Doo watercraft give you the tools to turn up the power and make your driving experience the best it can be.

HP Tuners' BRP support includes the Can-Am vehicles fitted with the Bosch ME 17.8.5-type ECM, like the Commander, Maverick and Defender Side by Sides, the Traxter, Outlander, and Renegade ATVs, and most models of Sea-Doo personal watercraft.

Contact us today for more details and to schedule a tuning appointment: