RZR Pro R Extreme Badass Belt

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There’s nothing more frustrating than slamming your foot on the gas and getting nothing from your OEM CVT belt but a burnt rubber smell. It’s time to ditch OEM and upgrade with a new CVT belt for your Polaris RZR Pro R from SuperATV. Our belts are built to keep up with your Pro R’s power, not hold it back.

Extreme Badass Drive Belt

Extreme Badass Belts are built for maximum strength and durability. They’re the ideal upgrade for muscular machines like your Pro R. If you’ve been described as having a “lead foot,” this is the belt for you. It uses strong aramid cord and a high-strength rubber compound that’s made for peak performance.

Don’t be afraid to put the pedal to the metal—Extreme Badass Belts are designed for those riders with the need for power and speed. Whether you’re diving in the mud or racing down the trail, an Extreme Badass drive belt will get the job done with confidence.