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SANDCRAFT DESTROYER tires have undergone a complete paddle and carcass redesign for 2023. Our most exciting patented paddle in the DESTROYER lineup is the SLIDER. This innovative design features a new stepped alternating paddle design, a first of its kind in the industry. With 1” of height across two thirds of the 13” width, then dips to 1/2” on the final third. This design is then flipped on alternating paddles. We call these SLIDERS for a reason! This design breaks traction more easily and is ideal for the driver who loves allowing the rear end of the car to play more freely across the sand.

Our proprietary revolutionary paddle adhesion process means an end to paddles pulling free. You can get this tire in 31”, 32” sizes as well as 8-14 paddle counts, further customizing the design to match your specific horsepower or driving style.

We’ve upgraded our sidewall strength and thickness for maximum durability within the same envelope. This is accomplished by adjusting the makeup and thickness of each layer or ply of the tire using years of data and feedback as a baseline. We have also upgraded our precision buff driving surface which ensures a smooth, continuous surface thickness and texture which in turn represents predictable, repeatable performance. 


SANDCRAFT DESTROYER tires have undergone a complete redesign for 2023. We started with the Mohawk design and reworked it from the ground up. Weight is still our number one concern, but we also incorporated turning dynamics and traction.

We wanted to allow just the right amount of grip for control in 4WD but also allow the driver to point and go on demand. After several design concepts were tested, we settled on our three-dimensional diamond pattern.

This new radical design allows for precise tracking control and grip. This pairing of light weight and control makes for the perfect front sand tire driving experience. The angle of our three-dimensional diamond shape is also significant as it drastically reduces particulate kick up while driving aggressively and when turning.

The new DESTROYER Mohawk from SANDCRAFT is truly nothing short of revolutionary in the industry – nobody takes this as seriously as us!