SuperATV 8" Portal Gear Lift for Polaris Ranger XP1000

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Gear Down and Go Big
You didn’t get a Ranger just to haul fence posts around your property, you got a Ranger because you wanted to have the ultimate party wagon. With an 8” GDP Portal Gear Lift installed, you’ll tear up mud holes, destroy rock gardens, and definitely start a party everywhere you go. All that ground clearance gives you room for up to 34” tires, and you can upgrade with extreme strength with dual idler gears. With your choice of a 45%, 60%, or 70% gear reduction, you’ll have torque to be a mud monster.

What is a Dual Idler®?
Perfection takes time. After years of research and development, we’ve made our dual idler gear portals unlike any other. By placing a second idler gear in the portal box, the load gets spread over twice as much surface area for more reliable torque transfer and the strongest gear set you can get. Two idler gears don’t do a thing if they’re not mated perfectly, though. Precision CNC grinding ensures ours do. Our gears are made from the industry’s toughest 9310 steel alloy. Didn’t think dual idlers mattered? With GDP’s quality and experience, they finally do.

Mud Can’t Stop a 45%, 60%, or 70% Gear Reduction
You know what 8 inches of lift can do. It gives you room for huge tires and lets you cruise over the mud instead of plowing through it. What really makes GDP rock is the 45%, 60%, and 70% gear reduction options. That gives you a whole lot of torque and a whole lot of power to the ground. It gives you punchy acceleration that makes turning those big mud tires easy. Mud and portals are a match made in heaven.

A Gear Reduction Protects Your Drivetrain
Portals put the gear reduction in the hub which means your drivetrain benefits from the gear reduction just as much as the rest of your machine does. Your axles, differential, prop shafts, and transmission are under less stress with portals installed. That means less wear and more riding.